Thursday, January 7, 2010


will be less updatiing this..
cz using new blog ;3
erm.. its this ..
although in japanese =.=
but will post some in english.. ;3
later.. bwahahas...



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


heyy guysss

its 4.50 in the morning!!!
haveee toooo sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!
just came to kacau my lovable lullabye ;3 awww

candy dreams guys~~

Resha <3

Thursday, December 24, 2009

its Christmas Eve. <3

hey guyz.. or is there any? o.o
well nevermind. x]]

since decades that iive nt been blogging. oh gawd o.o
so now .. aiightz.. ii almost forgot how ii blog. haha.. =.=
mind blank dyy..
okeii anyway¬¬
its Christmas EVE!!!!! woohoo o.o 24/12/09 0100.
and also bday eve to bday boy yoonkengphui. my nan jie nan mui =]
so.. hmm..

mny things happened since the last post. let me just summarise it. to very shortly. ii mean REAL shortly. ;d

spm > end of spm > rotting in da house > went seeking for job > waiitin for the lady to call > sitting in the livin' room with the new laptop *which arent mine* > its Christmas eve!!! tadaa ;D
simple and understandable. clean cut ayee? xD

and and and .. went mid with puikum today for job seeking. and yes. we suceeded halfly ;x
a shop named Skin L@b. cz we dont want to work seperately, so the supervisor there actually mentioned about sending us to their Pavillion's branch . and said that she will call the person that ii think whos got the control of all the staff to call us like .. right away. and yeapp. ii think she is really right awayyyy from us =.= but im still holding on to the hope that she'll call us. or a might. ;'[ sobbs

and then. something feels strange. it always do =.= well, ignore it. cz it cant be true. ha ha ha o.o

ii need to improve my english to achieve higher level. =[ grammar wise and also vocab wise. but ii dont even touch my sis's gossip eng novels that consist few hundred pages of words == tiny words.

oh ya. going have shabu for dinner with the gang today. ha ha. and after that. confirm bankrupt. llawl T___T sad case.

got to take up korean fast man..dont wanna waste my time ;[ meantime have to handle my japanese as well .. and prepare for jlpt level 2 =[ and ii heard that is hardddddd. shiiets.

and some more.. iive decided to take up mass communication for my further studies. ==
still havin' trouble choosing between public relations or media studies.. TT show me the way. xD
but mostly i'll go for media studies. cz its more FUN and challenging that its all about thinking part!! ;3 but before that .. pray hard == for my spm. hwaiting!! ;]

and agn. xD iive made JoKwon my second hubby aftr my 1st prio hubby. KwonJiYong <3 mwahs

and..*how mny ands already =.=* the freakingly cute chipmunks are backkkk!!! woohoo!! and today is the release date!! but agn.. im bankrupt =[ but ii wanna watch it so much!! eager for it x] cravessss! chipmunks vs chipettes!! hahaha!! its a girl band ! and theyre squirrel too!! awwwww sweet ayee? x]

and.. lol. the end. xDD

mwahs to my lullabye.

Monday, November 9, 2009

whee =]

countdown 9 more days !!!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oops =x

it has been sucha looooooooong time since ii updated my blug ==
gomenne~ minna =[
recently.. hmmm... trials... =.= for the major thing this year.. spm ~
ha ha ha ss =.=
evrything was just okay... but unfortunately =.= add maths gave hell of a shock to me =.=
gone case ready la TwT it was much harder than the past year questions!!!
ii still can manage the past years.. == ii kept on doing .. but then? iiishh~~! damn it ==
and soooo~~~ ii really really want it to pass quicklyy and so that ii can start my new life!! =.=
ii wanna make so much change for my life now .. ii wana earn enough money to pamper myself with alooot of things GG!!! laptop goes for the priority!! and then .. an amount of money to belanja my family out for dinner. .. felt like wanna go for The Cave .. since ii have not been there == and it seems interesting! ;D then then then.. of cz a new hairdo..with ma babes.. and also tops and bottoms =] climbing up higher and higher to reach a better me =3
ok.. so lets just pray hard for all the form 5s' =D include me T_T kamisama ya~~~!!
and ohya!! and also pray for next year's level 2 jlpt test!! ;x the one and only thing that ii can achieve the best is my japanese ii think? ;P so~ nyehehes GG

and ii desprately in need of miracles and magic!!! make my stress fade!!! ;x
and and .. suddenly ii thought of the past.. wow man.. lol!! and it relates to the password of my blug too XD hahaha!!! miss you so much!! ;d nvm~ pledge for 2 years. and ii will make it =]

before declining, prove that I cant be the girl you want.
forever be my boy, forever be my world.

Reshaღﻬ レーシャ

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

MichaelJackson my forever legend..

ii just thought of i'll just give a name to my blog : Lullabye ;]

Dear lullabye:

25/6/09 Mike passed was such sudden and shock to the ppl around the world!!! Youre indeed a true legend you knw that? when ii was a kid.. ii watched so much of your music videos and listen to your songs!!! although aftr few years of your peak.. there was nt much of your news.. and negatif news started cming out .. about child molesting and stuffs like that .. and ii din really listen to your songs much back then .. but truly from my heart.. ii dont think that you would do such thing.. cz we ppl who love you knw that youre a child lover! you really really like children and gave them all you can! even when it was 1996.. you came for your only and last concert.. you bought stuffss for some orphanage house here.. and you were supporting healing the world so strongly.. for me.. you'll always be a hero a legend and a kind hearted person. till now .. the child molesting case has finally came to an end of truth. you never molested .. its the child who lied to evrybody in the whole world!!! ii just dont understand.. why they would do such a thing?! and you were not even the bad guy.. but then .. poeple outside just have to approach and attack you.. and made your life imperfect.. all those things.. they were just fake made!!! ii really hate them ;[ you were my childhood idol.. and now you are gone.. seriously.. when ii listen to your songs.. ii really miss you ;[ for my entire life.. ii would idolise you as the legend of music. and i'll seriously curse those whom making things up and crapping.. and also put all the blame on you!! and you din even do anything bad!!! ;[ and also.. ii was dissapointed that .. youre nt the biological father for your 3 children.. ii do really hope that they were yours. ;[

will forever keep you in my heart.
Rest In Peace Michael Jackson.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


18th june 2009.

its a nervous day. its a good day ;]
talked over it with him ady ;]
felt good. no worries ;]
friends are the best!!!
youre indeed a veryveryvery nice friend to have!! ;D nyehehe ;p

and recently.. ii found quite a few of my primary friends agn!!
oh gawd.. ii really missed those time ;[
lets have a gathering!!! ;[
ok ? okokok? ;p
and .. wads bugging me is .. my moral got 46!!!
wad the freaking hell?!!!! ii dint expect that ii did this awful!?!?
46 ii really can commit suicide !!! wthwthwth!!
ii cant keep on thinking this ady.. ii might burst in tears!!! ;[
spm is making my life miserable!! stress!!! ;[
but have to take also ;[
ii wanna study abroad!!!!
pls friends!!! by any chance .. that you got to go study abroad.. dnt think twice!! just goooooooooo ;[ cz youre lucky to have the chance T_T
ii wanna goo.. ;'[

thatsss all..
miss you baobehh!!!! ;[[ yeeling ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh T_T
mwahs baobayy!

bye. ;[